1. Better checking and notification of invalid responses in data collection

  2. Provide response counts in addition to percentages in the bar graph of real-time responses

  3. larger boxes for "correct response" and "answer/explanation" when creating questions; and larger box for "submit response" during a session

  4. Make units of values recognizable when categorizing the values in numerical or data collection questions.

  5. Game show style response system

  6. Allow students to see responses from all students when viewing closed sessions

  7. Show list of students with their responses to questions displayed for classes without seating charts

  8. Make it even easier to review and comment on students responses

  9. Add sum to data collection question type

  10. Set response bars with 0% back to size zero

  11. cache course data for faster loading

  12. Increase the types of responses allowed in expression type questions.

  13. Allow the instructor to select and set aside individual short answer responses as they are coming in

  14. In team mode, make it possible to view the response made for each attempt made by each team.

  15. show group responses as the answer and not A, B or C etc..

  16. include "Reactions" data in a timeline on course playback

  17. Show seat and name of student when hovering over a response

  18. Enable access to question data in real time from spreadsheet and other software  ·  completed

  19. simplify algebraic entries in the aggregate view of student responses

  20. allow for review of student responses after self-paced module completed

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